Thursday, May 14, 2009

What the.....


"Thanks for calling xyz, this is Kristen, how can I help you?"

"Hi. What 'cha doin'?"

"Um, working? It's crazy here, what's up?"

"Do you think you can come home?"


"Errr, NO. Why?"

"Well, the water main broke in the basement and it's flooded and I kinda need some help."

OK, so one would think my husband could have been a tad more, shall we say, DIRECT in telling me this.

So I immediately left work, abandoning my co-workers with a floater pharmacist that had no clue what was going on.

Holy crap peeps. Our water main had not broke, rather failed and was SPRAYING water across our basement, thus, covering as much ground as possible.

Thankfully it went the opposite way of our main computer and all that good stuff. There were also a ton of pictures sitting by the computer that were saved.

Miracle of miracles, our wedding pictures were saved because Little Man's waterproof crib mattress had been thrown down there and it was blocking the pictures from the deluge of water. We almost lost ALL OF THEM.

Quite honestly we didn't lose a whole lot because most stuff is in rubbermaid totes, but there were a few things that weren't, but nothing of huge value. My biggest concern is my Rock Band drums, but hopefully they will be OK. Gumby lost some computer stuff, but as he put it, it was stuff that was nice to have on hand, but not anything we truly needed.

So I helped clean our basement for about 2 hours, our front yard littered with garbage. Our neighbor watched as people were checking out our loot and someone took off with the toddler bed and mattress within 20 minutes of it being on the curb.

On the upside, my basement is really clean. Now I'm trying to wade my way through all the laundry that got wet (we sort in laundry baskets, which of course, have holes, so the dirty laundry got wet).

I took the dog to Baby Girl's preschool for show and tell Tuesday. Of course as I told him to jump in the truck, he took off after a critter. I went into super-sonic shriek (my MIL just about died laughing). And there he was, grinning, then confused by my anger of him with the dead chipmunk in his mouth. He stunk of the chipmunk poo he squeezed out of the poor thing and had blood down his leg.

Great, just how I want to put you in the truck, dumb dog. But, alas, he was very good with all the kids and was such a charmer.

My surgery is quickly approaching, I have a few nerves about it, but it will be fine.

MIL's surgery is tomorrow, so more nerves about that and the results.

I've been a tad bitter the past few days over the fact that Patrick's killer still hasn't been charged. It's not fair that he's out, living his life. Makes me a tad pissy. hopefully that will all be resolved soon.

The driver that his my sister was uninsured, so it's just becoming more and more of a nightmare. I just got a call from my insurance company letting me know they are going after the woman personally. Good grief.

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