Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shit-tacular week

Let's see, where to start.

We had to put our cat down. She had a tumor in her chin we didn't know about and by the time it presented itself, it was too late. We had the option to bring her home with pain medication until she couldn't eat anymore or to put her down.

No offense, the idea of waiting for her to stop eating just seemed rather morbid. I'd rather she be happy in kitty heaven than here with me in pain.

But here's the thing. I've had her for almost 13 years. I keep thinking I see her in the house. She was a constant presence and I really do miss her.

Telling Little Man was the hardest (well, no, holding her as she died was the hardest). He cried very hard and told me how he wanted her back and missed her and it just broke my fucking heart all over again.

I'm from the school of being upfront with them, obviously there are somethings we shield them from, but a pet dying is part of life and part of owning a pet. so there you go.

My MIL has breast cancer again. It's the same kind, in the same breast, so she will have a mastectomy this time. Fun, fucking times, let me tell you.

I struggled with that one as I've know it was a possibility since Monday (FIL had a moment of verbal diarrhea and told me) and my MIL asked me not to tell Gumby. I tell him most everything, but I respected her wishes.

Which for anyone that knows me, knows that's near-fucking-impossible. She got the biopsy results yesterday and I obviously didn't want to tell him before his Winter Ball (a work function) and afterwards was much too late to deal with such heaviness.

So today was a bit brutal for the family. Gumby ended up vomiting (I'm thinking the big 'ol t-bone steak did not help that cause). I'm still working on an upset stomach.

I watched the new episode of The Office tonight and almost died. Also watched last week's SNL with Neil Patrick Harris (who, was on Sesame Street this past week as the Shoe Fairy and I almost peed my pants).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So my MIL and I have a mild addiction to Rock Band. I've been trying to play at night, after the kids go to bed, because really, watching Mommy play video games is not the image I'd like to project on their very impressionable brains.

But sometimes after I pick up Baby Girl from preschool we head over to the in-laws for the afternoon.

And my MIL got Rock Band 2 for Christmas. The set. Which is it's own post, really, but I digress.

So the other night the beasties were in the tub, Gumby and I were folding laundry in our room (attached to the bathroom! Jeez). Suddenly you heard:

So what 'cha, what 'cha, what 'cha want? I said what 'cha, what 'cha, what 'cha want?

Err. Is the 4 year old singing Beastie Boys?



Well then.

After much laughter, I think, well maybe that's a bit too much Rock Band? Nahhh.

Yesterday, we head over to the in-laws. G-ma had Baby Girl's new mittens and was going to make a new "string" for them and I needed to get them before this weather set in.

We chatted for a while with Mary Mac, doing our thing. I laid the kids down in their rooms for a nap and Mary decided it was time to head back to the city. To which my MIL said, "Are we going to Rock Band now???"

Sure, we'll Rock Band.

Fast-forward 2 hours.


Little Man is up from his nap and I send him in to mess with his sister (because I'm considerate when my kids wake up and make one of them the bad guy, heh).

Grandma asks Baby Girl what song she had been singing in the tub.

"That's what you Get!." - Paramore (yes, from RB)

No, that's not it, hon.

"Was it, 'Hey, ho! Let's go'? - The Clash (yep, RB)

Er, no, not that one babe.

"The fishing song?" - Bon Jovi (Dead or Alive from Deadliest Catch and yes, from RB)

Um, no.

"Maps?" - The Yeah Yeah Yeah's (damn, also from RB)

OK, babe, you were singing, "So what 'cha, what 'cha, what 'cha want?"

To which she promptly spent the remainder of the afternoon singing it.

But it's gotta be better than her wanting to watch either the Fall Out Boy, "I Don't Care" video or The All-American Rejects, "Give you Hell."


I really need to stop watching VH1 around her. And considering cutting back on RB at Grandma & Grandpa's. Wait, Grandma isn't well and this makes her FEEL better. I'm doing a great service by playing this game with her.

Heh. And feeding my ever-growing addiction.

But, on to better parenting topics.

Baby Girl starts gymnastics on Thursday. I'm very excited for her. It's her first "big girl" class that I won't be in with her. I tried to get Little Man into the toddler class (I'd participate with him), but we are on the waiting list, unfortunately.

I'm excited for the prospect of summer. I'm thinking I will keep Baby Girl home with me and they can take non-stop swim classes all summer. I want them swimming like da fishes by the end of summer!

I start my classes in 2 weeks, which is exciting. I'll be happy to be back in school.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm a blog slacker.

Er. Yeah. So I haven't posted in a few weeks. I've thought about it, I really have, but just haven't gotten around to it.

But that seems to be a theme around here lately.

So to recap.

Christmas Eve was here with both families. I was a bit panicked in the morning, trying to get ready. Made an appointment for Little Man to get a hair cut. Ran around getting ready, realized I would not make the 11 AM appointment, so I called to reschedule. Got Noon. Left at 11:45 AM to get there (it's snowing like you wouldn't believe) and realize Gumby had the keys to the car (when we bought it, it only came with 1 key and of course, it's a special key that's almost $300 for..we'll work with 1 for now thank you!).

I'm pissed. I'm going to be late to another hair cut appointment. It's snowing, my children are running around like the beasts they are and I suddenly realize, who the fuck cares?

All the kids wanted to do was to build a snow man. So a snow man we built.

Gumby came home, took Little Man to his hair cut appointment, I ran to the store with Baby Girl and came home and relaxed. Got the food ready and didn't stress. Overall, Christmas Eve was very chill after building the snow man. Heh.

Christmas Eve and Day was very nice. Very relaxed. I did get Rock Band 2 (as did my MIL, God help us both). So now I've been staying up much too late after the kids go to bed playing. It's addictive, fun and really needs to be controlled. Ha.

New Year's Eve was going to be here, but my FIL fell and sprained his ankle, so we went to their house. Our usual seafood fest. My BIL was able to get us some lobster and he prepped it for me, so I just had to finish cooking it (so freakin' yummy). I did the filet, shrimp and mussels.

Little Man passed out in Grandma and Grandpa's bed around 10 PM (I was meanwhile, passed out in the recliner, opps). Baby Girl was still kicking at 11:15 PM, but we left then. Got home and the kids in bed just in time to have 5 minutes to spare before the new year.

Popped open our bottle of sparkling grape juice (we live hard peeps) and brought in the new year.

This past weekend we had a night without kids. The in-laws had the kids sleep over Saturday night. We went to dinner with my folks for our collective anniversaries and then went to a movie.

Oh, don't waste your time or money on "The Day the Earth Stood Still". What a piece of crap. We wanted to see the Benjamin Button movie, but my Mom was anti-Brad that night, so we went to the other movie.


Word to the wise, don't delay in picking your college classes. I'm used to going to smaller schools that you can always get into a class. Apparently UWM is pretty serious about those class limits, plus, there are so many more students looking to get in. Now I'm stalking the registration website every few hours trying to get into the classes I needed and wanted (I had the whole damn scheduled perfect in my head. Fuck).

Meanwhile, I've signed up for classes I do need, but the other classes are classes I need to take (prereq's). Apparently the college algebra course I took is not enough and now I need intermediate algebra, followed by calculus and stats. Bugger.

Why did I pick this major? Oh yeah, I'm a nerd/dork.

Alas, on the a happier note, Gumby has decided to go back for his bachelors (hell yes!), so starting this summer we'll be able to take a bunch of classes together again. I know it sounds strange, but it's a good time for us to have the commute in the car together, we take the classes together (keeps us on top of what's due and usually when one doesn't get something, the other does and can explain it). Plus I love being his partner on projects...means I don't have to leave home or my pj's (ha!).

So I'm super-duper excited about that.

I turn the big 3-3 in 2 days. Actually it's not all that big. Birthdays don't typically bother me (weird ones do, I had issue with 23...hmmmm...wonder if that means I'll have issue with 33???).

Wish me luck.

On a final note, I'd love to hear suggestions on how to get a 3 year old boy to stop picking his nose. Seems to be a boy specific thing, as we were able to break Baby Girl of it rather quickly.


ETA: UPDATE!!! I got into the algebra class I wanted! Guess who gets to take algebra at 8 AM on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays?!? And who's actually excited about it? I'm such a dork.