Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Week

As we move into the 2nd week of September, we celebrated Labor Day. I can't say I really know why we celebrate Labor Day, but I'm always willing to take a day off. Additionally, the Walworth County Fair is Labor Day weekend and is by far, my most favorite fair.

Yeah, I get weepy about State Fair like a child. And it's cool and we have fun. But Walworth is a different kind of beast. First of all, it's a dry fair. Which rocks.


Yes, it does rock. And let me tell you why. I can actually keep my children there past 7 PM and I don't have to worry about a bunch of drunks either swearing in front of them, spilling beer on us or getting into a general brawl as is so common at summer festivals in Wisconsin.

Last year we stayed and saw Huey Lewis and the News perform. This year? Styx. At the ripe ages of 4 and 5, the kids have seen more concerts than Gumby had at 18! We sit off to the side on the race track on the grass and the kids can dance around and I don't have to be neurotic that it's too loud for their little ears. They have a wonderful time and we get to giggle at them.

Gumby's parents came with us this year. His Mom was well enough to do it. Which was so much fun. And a friend of his from work met up with us with her 2 1/2 year old so. Ah, good times. The kids had a blast climbing all the different tractors and such for well over an hour and then saw a lumberjack show.

Like I said, way different from the State Fair, but my favorite by far.

Today my MIL has her reconstruction surgery. She's a bit worried and tried to distract herself all weekend the best she could, so we had a BBQ at their house yesterday. Very yummy.

So hopefully this will be her easiest surgery to day and it will be a quick recovery.

Besides, the woman is beside herself that The Beatles Rock Band comes out tomorrow. I have strict instructions to go buy her the super-deluxe edition (yep, with all the instruments). Which is cool, because now we'll have back up drums, heh.

Disney will pretty well set. I still need to get the car rental for our day at the ocean and then one for my in-laws when they stay after we leave. I'm getting pretty excited about it.

The rest of school went well last week. Now on to another week. Hopefully it will go well too!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday was the first day of kindergarten. Some Mom's cried. Other's rejoiced. I just wanted to get them there on time (did I, you ask? Meh, close enough).

The one thing we really didn't consider in all of this is that we live 15 minutes from the school without traffic. With traffic? Who the hell knows. So we need to get the rhythm down that we leave 15 minutes earlier than we did yesterday (today was a bust, left at the same time...hopefully traffic won't be bad for them).

Back to the first day.

Being a Catholic school and yesterday being the 1st day and all, the morning involved the entire family. We got there and did an art project downstairs. Follow in His footsteps is the theme for the year, so the kids had a foot picture to decorate as they wanted.

As usual, I had Little Man and Gumby had Baby Girl. Little Man started to draw our family on the foot.

"That's you Mumma!" (big smile, so that's good)

"And that's the Duck!"

Gumby's new name with the kids is The Duck. I won't go into it, but let's just say he doesn't talk like Donald Duck :)

After the project there was a special Mass for the families. It's been a while since Little Man was in church. He was so frickin' squirrelly. But we survived. Barely.

Next up was a special performer in the gym. Good God in Heaven, aren't we done yet?!?

Er, I mean, cool.

At the end, Little Man and I left for the day and Baby Girl stayed. Her first full day. And I was excited for her and she was super-excited.

I decided to make her some Apple Nut Muffins we'd seen Paula Deen make the week prior on Foodnetwork (yes, Baby Girl was watching with me and asked me to make them).

Things got a bit off schedule with making the muffins, but Little Man and I were to her school in plenty of time to pick her up (because there's no frickin' rush hour traffic at 3 PM!).

Out she comes. Into the sea of parents cheering and laughing and having a general celebration. And holy shit did she scowl at me.

"How was your first day sweetie?!?"

"Bad. I don't want to go to school anymore." she snarled.

OK. Time for plan B.

"Say goodbye to Mrs. NiceLady."

"Goodbye Teacher."

No hug, no pleasantness at all.

Whoa nelly.

Into the car we go and I try to get to the bottom of the crabbiness (other than sheer exhaustion).

"So what was wrong with the day Baby Girl?"

"I don't want to go back because a little girl in my class got hurt by a boy."

"Well, I'm sure he didn't do it on purpose honey. It was an accident."

"NO, Mom. He said he did it on purpose."

"Did you hear him say he did it on purpose?"

"No, but I'm sure he did."


"OK. You can't say he did it on purpose if you didn't hear him say it, that's mean."

I then proceeded to get yelled at for not sending her with a spoon (oh shit, now I just realized I forgot to put one in today's lunch too. Fuck.) and that her teacher was yelling at lunch.

"She was yelling at students?"

"No, she yelled for another teacher to grab a milk for her."

Oh good grief.

Needless to say, she was nearly passed out as we pulled into the driveway. Next thing I know, she let's out a hysterical shriek and I nearly drive the car onto the lawn.


"What is it?!?"

"Little Man hit me on the forehead." she sobs.

I look at Little Man who had such a shit-eating grin on his face.

"Why'd you hit her?"

"I was waking her up Mumma."

Personally, I think she was irritating him as much as she irritated me, so he just whacked her for it. Alas, I had to stiffle the giggle and tell him not to hit his sister.

Did I mention I was glad I had to work last night?!?

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. Just trying to get through this adventure.