Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm trying to be better about planning our weekly meals.

It keeps me organized and allows me to keep a "budget" at the store. I'm not buying stuff to throw together to make meals, I'm actually planning the meals, so I know exactly what we need.

Monday I made chicken cacciatore; turned out well. Need to use a different wine next time; but Gumby enjoyed the leftover wine :)

Last night they were on their own as I worked.

Tonight, Ultimate Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Cheese. Because there's so much cheese they have to list it twice, heh. But it looks super yummy and I'm excited to try it.

Tomorrow night is the back to school picnic, so I have to make a dessert. I still have left-overs of the home-made chocolate buttercream frosting, so I'm going for either a cake or cupcakes so I can use that up. Might have to run to Jo-Ann to buy a cupcake carrier (because I always need an excuse to buy fun stuff!).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


You know, the world is truly bizarre.

1) Brett Farve has signed as QB for the Vikings. Again, WTF?!?

2) Mayor Barrett of Milwaukee was beated up after trying to stop a man from assaulting a woman. He was leaving State Fair with his family and heard the man yelling and tried to step in and the man beat the shit out of him with a pipe. Who the fuck does that? Stepping in would have been something Gumby would have done, so it could have easily been him. But it was our mild, kind mayor. His first news conference will be aired shortly and it's just so upsetting.

3) My kid's foot is growing at a freakish rate. I bought her a pair of shoes for school in a size and a half bigger than her last pair and they barely fit. Back to Kohl's to exchange. *sigh*

State Fair was fun this year. My MIL did well walking, I was impressed.

The In-laws hosted a memorial picnic for Patrick this past weekend. It was a blast. I think there were around 60 people there at one point. Gumby smoked his best ribs yet (that was some good shit). There wasn't enough room to smoke the chickens, so I roasted them on the grill and wowsers, those were good too. It was so much fun with both new and old friends. We needed to do that more often (ok, not the memorial part, heh. Just the get-together).

Otherwise I'm spending a lot of my time getting the kids ready for school. I can't believe they are both starting school. They are very excited. We have been invited to the back to school picnic next week. This Sunday after Mass we'll get the rest of their school paperwork and hopefully information on the Home/School Association. I figure I'll join that and help out since I'll have free time while they are both in school. We have to volunteer one or two shifts during the school year for both the lunch room and the playground, so I won't be bored, ha ha.

When we returned from camping a week ago, the water main had broke in the basement again. Lost a lot more. Holy crap, we are down quite a bit. Moving won't be such a chore next time, h aha.

Oh, here comes the Mayor for his news conference. Oh, dear Lord, he really did get beaten. I really don't understand people. I don't understand how things like this happen. Fuck, I must be so damn naive. How can someone do that to another person?

Of course, I still don't understand how someone could be so fucking drunk and "need chicken for fajitas" and kill my baby Patrick on the way to the store.