Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm trying to be better about planning our weekly meals.

It keeps me organized and allows me to keep a "budget" at the store. I'm not buying stuff to throw together to make meals, I'm actually planning the meals, so I know exactly what we need.

Monday I made chicken cacciatore; turned out well. Need to use a different wine next time; but Gumby enjoyed the leftover wine :)

Last night they were on their own as I worked.

Tonight, Ultimate Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Cheese. Because there's so much cheese they have to list it twice, heh. But it looks super yummy and I'm excited to try it.

Tomorrow night is the back to school picnic, so I have to make a dessert. I still have left-overs of the home-made chocolate buttercream frosting, so I'm going for either a cake or cupcakes so I can use that up. Might have to run to Jo-Ann to buy a cupcake carrier (because I always need an excuse to buy fun stuff!).

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