Thursday, January 12, 2012


So some assmunches (is that the correct plural of assmunch?) stole my laptop back in August. Along with a bunch of other stuff, but the laptop is most important in this case because it had all my 30 days of truths on it. And I got a little busy in there. All that parenting, working, Sick mother-in-lawing, wifing shit got in the way of blogging. Damn it.

Alas, I have passed all my certifications, I have taken over the Tiger Cub Den as Den leader and I just keep truckin with the whole sick mother-in-law thing.

Her breast cancer returned in the lymph nodes. And we learned this week that the spot on her lung is indeed cancer.  She has it in 3 different areas.  The plan is for another 4 rounds of Chemo and then treatment with hormone therapy.

I'd like this to be done and the best possible outcome. Seriously. No more death or sickness. Just happiness and peace.

My Dad had his rotator cuff repaired. So he's been a little gimpy, but progressing nicely.  Still freaks you out to see your Dad all bundled up in medical stuff in the house.  ACK!

Life is always an adventure.  I'm 36 now.  I don't *feel* 36.  I still feel like I'm in my mid-20's.  My Dad and I were discussing it and he said that he thinks you reach a certain point of higher consciousness and self-awareness and you stop growing at that point.  For him it was 19, for me I think it was 29.  When I became a parent to 2 children, that was it.  I think I've grown since then, but not in any leaps and bounds.  Now it's just about keeping it all in perspective (or as Dory says, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming".)

I'm fortunate to have the most wonderful people that love me.  Life always has surprises.  Friends come and friends go.  But the true friends that you love and love you back almost always find a way back into your life.  And I can appreciate that right now.

New Spanish words/phrases learned this week:

No vale madre

There were others, but that's all I can remember right now (and really, pendejo is my favorite thus far, because I say that a lot in English).

Now, let's see if I can track down the rest of the 30 days of truth.....

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