Saturday, October 25, 2008


So here I go...I'm jumping on this phenom called "blogging". heh.

About me. I say "so" a lot. And I mean A LOT. Prepare yourself.

I've been married for 8 or 9 years, depending on who you ask. We have 2 kids. And 2 cats.

Our 2 kids are my universe. Baby Girl is 4 going on 16 and Little Man is 3. They make me laugh daily, if not hourly, even at their worst.

I recently lost my job, which isn't as bad as it sounds; the loss of money sucks, but there are other benefits. Now I'm working several part time jobs in the evening and on weekends to keep a small influx of money coming in, but it's all good.

I love to write and love to tell stories, so a "real" blog (other than Myspace) seems appropriate, especially since I've not written in my journal in Gawd knows how long.

My best friend lives in Portland, OR (and subsequently, is the coolest hair dresser EVER. You need dreads or extensions? Let me know...) Her living there sucks for me as I miss her, but is awesome for her as she met her true love there and was recently married to him, so you know, there's benefits to breaking my heart.



We like to camp. We bought a 1975 camper with my Father-in-laws blessing. Turned out to be a piece of shit, but kind man that my FIL is, he rebuilt that sucker into the rad camper it is now. I love that damn thing. Plus it stood up to an almost tornado the summer before this.

An "almost tornado" you wonder?

We were all camping up at my folks trailer. Gumby's folks were in their camper and my folks have a double wide mobile home. Gumby, my sisters and I had gone into Wisconsin Dells to go to Mt. Olympus (a must if you love go-karts and some really cool wooden roller coasters).

The four of us stopped for ice cream before we headed back, enjoying the muggy summer night. Then we saw the lightening off towards where Mom & Dad's place is. Hmmm.

Sooooo, off we head as they were all watching our kids and I knew the kids would freak a bit in the storm.

It's a 30-40 minute drive back to my folks and we get there and it's pouring rain. The kids are trying to sleep in the camper and I sit with them. All of the sudden the wind kicks up and the camper is literally rocking back and forth and I can see that roof my FIL so kindly replaced getting extremely shaky.

I don't like storms. I should mention that now.

Gumby walks his Mom back to her camper and comes back right away.

I look at Gumby and ask, "Um, so at what point to we go to the house?"

He mutters at me ('cause apparently I'm a wuss and not up to his "roughing it" standards); at which point, I shit you not, the camper literally started to lift up a little.

To which I grab a sleeping child can and start to head for the house. Gumby grabs our daughter (she'd older, thus heavier) and we make a run for the house and a lawn chair flies at me. I do a super cool action movie kick to block the chair so it doesn't hit the confused, half-asleep boy in my arms.

We are soaked by the time we get to the house. Gumby heads back out for his folks (his Dad has broken his ankle at the start of this trip).

And there we all sit in the house, waiting the storm out.

I'm rambling now.

So yeah. That's me.

I love cooking and baking, which comes form my maternal Grandmother. She was a cook in an executive dining room for one of the largest banks around. And she was born and raised in Germany, so the woman could cook German food like no ones business.

I love to do cross stitch, which comes from both my Mom and my Grandma.

As a toddler, I was a pinball genius. My paternal Grandparents owned a tavern and we were there quite a bit and I played pinball non-stop.

I love to play kickball, volleyball and softball. I just hate running. heh.

I have terrible allergies to dust mites. I've had this my entire life, but they were only recently able to diagnosis it with advanced testing (normal testing showed me to have no allergies).

I love Food Network. Seriously, I could watch it 24/7, though I have a newfound crush/love for Anthony Bourdain, which requires me to watch the Travel Channel.

My ideal roadtrip partners (other than DH and my BFF) would be Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali and Dave Matthews. And Jason Mraz.

I'm massively in love in Dave Matthews. I think he's genius and his music speaks to my soul.

I think that's enough of an intro tonight.

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