Friday, November 14, 2008

Was it wrong...

When I was either a freshman or sophomore in high school, I was asked to work in the "special needs" classroom, specifically the technology room. Which, back in the early '90's meant a typing class.

I was assigned to a male student, I don't remember exactly what his disability was, but I want to say it was cerebral palsy. We got along well; he couldn't speak well, but I noticed he stared at my breasts a lot.

Then one day, he got very excited and he flung his hand at them. He didn't have much control, so his hand just hit my breast, but didn't linger. I didn't make a deal about it because, well, let's be honest, I was 15 or 16 and really inexperienced and didn't know if it was on purpose or an accident.

Except it continued to happen for the rest of the semester.

I never made an issue of it and I never really discussed it. I think in my feeble teenage mind, I was letting him do something he otherwise wouldn't be able to do and I justified it as I wasn't doing anything MORE with him. Ahem.

So that raises the question, was that the right thing to do? Now as a parent, I would be upset if someone did that to Baby Girl (or even Little Man). Not sure why this suddenly came back to my memory, but, hell, I don't know why half the stuff in my brain is there.

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