Thursday, December 4, 2008

Taking the good with the bad.

Today was Little Man's first appointment with the dentist. He did well, no cavities and he was patient with the whole thing. First he saw me have my exam and cleaning, then it was his turn. Of course they decided to fit in an emergency between my exam and Little Man's, so poor kid had to wait quite a while.

We were going to meet Gumby for lunch, but were delayed too much before picking up Baby Girl from preschool. So off we went to get Baby Girl and then went to have lunch with Daddy, aka, Gumby.

We went for wings, 'cause it's 60 cent boneless wing day. Mmmmm...wings....

As we arrived, the kids dashed off to the lower part of the restaurant where you can watch the traffic by the mall. There was a table of maybe 7 gentleman from the Army, in camo.

The first thing I hear as my beasts claim their table is, "Watch your mouth now." from the head dude at the Army table.

I look up surprised, mumbled a, "Sorry guys." to them, but was appreciative.

We had lunch and at some point the kids asked about the American flag on the uniforms, so we ended up having a conversation about it.

"Mumma, why do they have American flags?"

"Well, it's their job to protect it. To protect us from bad guys."

"How come?"

"Well, that's their job, they decided that's what they want to do."

I really didn't want to get into anything more. But they asked more questions, much too wise for 3 and 4. And we had a good chat about it.

I didn't think the guys were paying attention, but as they left, one thanked Gumby and Gumby was quite confused.

"Why are you confused? There's a huge anti-war sentiment going on right now. We may not agree with the war, but we'll ALWAYS support our troops. They heard us speaking positively to the kids about them."

And I was oddly moved by all of it. I will say, it is moving to see soldiers in uniform, knowing they are protecting me and my freedoms that I completely take for granted (hey, I admit it).

As we were leaving there was a woman, she was huge. I'm a big woman, but was small compared to her. And I knew something was up.

I had Little Man and Gumby was delayed behind me with Baby Girl. I was trying to maneuver Little Man out of the building and this woman was blocking us. Totally stalling and kept moving in front of me.

As we got out into the freezing cold, she turned around and said, "Excuse me."

I, dumbly, thought she was apologizing for being so fucking slow, but oh no, she was not.

"Excuse me, I'm homeless with no money. I slept outside last night with only this bag." As she shows me her bag. "I have no food."

To which I respond by shoving my leftovers at her. And I SHIT. YOU. NOT. She turned her nose up and said, "What's this?!?" As if I'd just handed her rat poison.

"Chicken wings!" I respond with more cheer than a freshly blown elf.

I'm sure she promptly threw them away, which is annoying. But fuck, if you're really that hungry, eat that shit. Clearly you were hanging out at Buffalo Wild Wings, so you're not opposed to the food.

"Have a nice day!" I cheerily sang as I walked away, pretending I didn't notice her trying to see what was in my purse (mental note, close the damn clasp on purse).

It's interesting to me. When "homeless" people approach me for food. I often give them whatever leftovers I have (because either we eat out a lot, or I typically get hit up after eating out). Most times, I've been met with complete disdain. Because you know, I'm not giving them money and the option to get the food THEY want. Umm, hello? If you're that damn hungry, you'll eat it. I think twice, I was met with true appreciation and that was great.

But the rest of them are a bunch of lazy, fucking douche bags that can just go fuck themselves.

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Chef Cleo said...

LMAO Reminds me of the time I tried to give a bum all the change in my coat pocket which turned out to be 13cts...and he gave me attitude. Such pushy people ought to be able to get a job telemarketing...