Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So my MIL and I have a mild addiction to Rock Band. I've been trying to play at night, after the kids go to bed, because really, watching Mommy play video games is not the image I'd like to project on their very impressionable brains.

But sometimes after I pick up Baby Girl from preschool we head over to the in-laws for the afternoon.

And my MIL got Rock Band 2 for Christmas. The set. Which is it's own post, really, but I digress.

So the other night the beasties were in the tub, Gumby and I were folding laundry in our room (attached to the bathroom! Jeez). Suddenly you heard:

So what 'cha, what 'cha, what 'cha want? I said what 'cha, what 'cha, what 'cha want?

Err. Is the 4 year old singing Beastie Boys?



Well then.

After much laughter, I think, well maybe that's a bit too much Rock Band? Nahhh.

Yesterday, we head over to the in-laws. G-ma had Baby Girl's new mittens and was going to make a new "string" for them and I needed to get them before this weather set in.

We chatted for a while with Mary Mac, doing our thing. I laid the kids down in their rooms for a nap and Mary decided it was time to head back to the city. To which my MIL said, "Are we going to Rock Band now???"

Sure, we'll Rock Band.

Fast-forward 2 hours.


Little Man is up from his nap and I send him in to mess with his sister (because I'm considerate when my kids wake up and make one of them the bad guy, heh).

Grandma asks Baby Girl what song she had been singing in the tub.

"That's what you Get!." - Paramore (yes, from RB)

No, that's not it, hon.

"Was it, 'Hey, ho! Let's go'? - The Clash (yep, RB)

Er, no, not that one babe.

"The fishing song?" - Bon Jovi (Dead or Alive from Deadliest Catch and yes, from RB)

Um, no.

"Maps?" - The Yeah Yeah Yeah's (damn, also from RB)

OK, babe, you were singing, "So what 'cha, what 'cha, what 'cha want?"

To which she promptly spent the remainder of the afternoon singing it.

But it's gotta be better than her wanting to watch either the Fall Out Boy, "I Don't Care" video or The All-American Rejects, "Give you Hell."


I really need to stop watching VH1 around her. And considering cutting back on RB at Grandma & Grandpa's. Wait, Grandma isn't well and this makes her FEEL better. I'm doing a great service by playing this game with her.

Heh. And feeding my ever-growing addiction.

But, on to better parenting topics.

Baby Girl starts gymnastics on Thursday. I'm very excited for her. It's her first "big girl" class that I won't be in with her. I tried to get Little Man into the toddler class (I'd participate with him), but we are on the waiting list, unfortunately.

I'm excited for the prospect of summer. I'm thinking I will keep Baby Girl home with me and they can take non-stop swim classes all summer. I want them swimming like da fishes by the end of summer!

I start my classes in 2 weeks, which is exciting. I'll be happy to be back in school.

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