Thursday, April 2, 2009

I think the snail got stepped on

Well, spring is still approaching at a snail's pace. Actually, I'm fairly certain the snail got stepped on, so now it's kinda stuck. It snowed last weekend and I think it's going to again this weekend. *sigh*

The kicker is that Little Man destroyed the zipper in his Land's End parka, so I took it in this week to get it repaired. Takes 6 weeks to get it back. Any why couldn't I have waited another few weeks? Thankfully I have a "spring" jacket from Land's End that is mostly warm enough.

I'm finding myself stuck in a bit of a rut. I'm back in the bad habit of staying up much too late, making it increasingly difficult to get up when I should. I find myself searching for answers that I know I won't find. I hope to find some shread of light, but mostly the answers are contained within a few select people. And unfortunately, at this point, they are not inclined to share a damn thing with me to protect themselves.

We should have a police report this week in regards to Patty's death. The reality of that is both a relief (to have answers) and a curse (to have those answers and know what happened).

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