Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've been slacking

But it's never a dull moment around here.

MIL will have her lumpectomy on 5/15 to see if the cancer spread.

Every May Pampered Chef has their "Help Whip Cancer" campaign and sell pink items and a portion of those sales goes towards breast cancer research. I'm trying to find a time to have a party, I hope every will think about buying something to help support breast cancer research.

I had Parent/Teacher conference with Baby Girl's preschool teacher. Nothing but praise for her as "she's a blessing to have in class". Very ready for 5K. That's exciting.

Things progress with Patrick's affairs, slowly, but there is progression.

Little Man was moved into a big boy bed a few weeks ago. He loves it.

My sister borrowed my car over the weekend (she didn't have a ride home from work Friday and called, so I sent Gumby to pick her up and told him to just give her the car since she also worked Saturday. Heh.)

The accident wasn't her fault. The driver behind her wasn't paying attention and rear-ended her going at least 35 mph. She called, hysterical.

Thank God she was OK. I had to explain the car could be replaced, she could not be. My car was a total loss. And of course the driver at fault gave insurance information that was wrong, so now we suspect the car was uninsured. Lovely.

I feel awful for my sister though.

Other than that, I've got the Swing Flu (aka a cold for the dramatic). We are off to buy our new car this afternoon, another Maxima, just 2 years newer. Wooo.

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