Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yesterday while driving the kids over to the in-laws so I could meet friends downtown for some adult beverages and a bite to eat I was asked by Little Man if we have Oxyclean.


Err, yeah. Why?

Because it can get the stains out Mumma. And my shirt has banana stains. Can you get them out?


Well, I can try to get it out with the Oxyclean, it works well, but sometimes it can't get everything out.

To which Baby Girl jumps in.

But Mom, they showed it getting all the stains out. It's a miracle!

Now I'm mildly twitching, wondering just how the hell my children know about Oxyclean.

Um, how do you know about Oxyclean?

TV Mumma! It was on the commercial! to talk to your father about letting you watch TV with commercials. this is why I only let them watch PBS peoples.

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