Monday, November 30, 2009

And the countdown to Christmas begins...

Which means I am making lists, lists and more lists.

What cookies am I making with who and splitting up ingredients. What am I making for Christmas Eve? What am I making for Christmas Day? Who's getting what gifts?

Thankfully most of the shopping is done. All that is left is my brother-in-law and my Dad and a few gifts for the kids (OK, actually I still need to get Baby Girl's "big" gift and a few small ones, but it's still mostly done!). I ordered Little Man's "big" gift today along with a small gift for Baby Girl. We got a $10 off a $10 purchase @ Kohl's this weekend, so I plan to get a small gift Friday night during the Night Owl specials.

Our Christmas tree is up, very early for us. We had a yummy dinner Saturday night and put it up. The kids did a great job decorating. It's now just been an issue to remind them to leave the ornaments alone! Oscar has resumed living under the tree.

Next up will be making chocolate candies for my Mother-in-law and her BFF for their gifts.

Much to do in the next 24 days!

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