Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

One can only hope that 2010 will be better than 2009 in many ways. With any luck the economy will continue to improve, job rates will improve, child abuse will go away and we won't lose any one else to stupid mistakes (like, oh, I don't know...drunk drivers?!?).

Walgreens has digital prints on sale for 9 cents this week and yesterday I got an additional 5% off my usual 20% discount. I was able to get all the Disney pictures submitted to be printed, which was nice. I'm trying to go through all the old pictures now to see about getting those printed since we have no pictures printed really since Baby Girl was born in 2004. We have a million in storage on the server, but no physical albums (funny, this was my exact argument about getting a digital camera vs a film camera).

So I'm currently editing the 2004 files, pulling out the crappy ones or duplicates. And I came across a picture of Patrick at our cousin's wedding. And it was a bit of a shock and then a hit to the stomach.

It's almost been a year that he's been gone. And it's gotten easier, but not much. It still hurts and I still have way too much anger.

So what I want for 2010 is to let go of some of the anger. Not all of it, I'm not ready for that. But I want the criminal case against his killer to be done and I need some of my anger until that happens. I'm tired of the continuances, tired of the stalling. Finish it. Perhaps this is why so many people lack faith in the judicial system? I understand it's working, but there is no doubt he killed Patrick. There is no doubt he was under the influence of alcohol. Why continue to draw-out the pain of the victim's family by allowing him to keep stalling?


I wish everyone success and happiness in 2010. I hope you are able to do what you want most in life and find it's even better than you imagined.

Stay safe and for the love of all that is holy, have a designated driver!

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