Monday, December 7, 2009

there is no hope for....

breasts. I'm watching the new Britney Spears video "3" and she's got this deep-V swimsuit thing on and her boobs are sagging. And not in the "cute" no under wire way, in the I've squeezed out 2 kids and am quickly approaching my 30's.

Which means that I, who has squeezed out 2 kids and am well INTO my 30's and certainly do not have Britney's body (ahem) has absolutely no hope.

Unfortunately I had noticed a few months ago that the girls were looked a little depressed.


Of course, the gray hairs is probably more distressing. I'm gonna blame Patrick for that one. Because holy crap, I went from a few gray hairs to a lot of them in the past year. Even though I color my hair, those little bastards are stubborn. Oh well.

T-minus 18 days until Christmas. I ordered Baby Girl's "big gift" from JC Penny' was clearance and I had an additional 20% off code (which basically paid for the shipping). Stinkin' thing has not shipped yet, so I'm nervous they will sell out of it or something, which would suck so bad. So I continue to stalk the JCP website shipping status.

Little Man's "big gift" arrived Saturday, a kid's digital camera. He does really well at taking pictures. He's been using our old Canon (yep, we've let the 4-year old use a better digital camera than some of our friends have...). But it would suck if he destroyed the camera, so we went for one of the tough ones meant for little hands. I love a lot of his pictures, it's fun to see the world through the eyes of a 4 year old.

So just a few small gifts for the kids to complete them and then a gift for my BIL. All that will be left is small gifts for the kindergarten teacher's and making the chocolates for my MIL and her BFF.

We went to a concert at the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center Saturday and it was simply amazing. So enjoyable.

Lots of work this week, then dinner and cookie decorating with a friend and her family this weekend. Very excited to see her, it's been far too long. Next week is a weird week of work...I work Monday and Wednesday during the day. Which will give the kids some time with the in-laws. Always a good thing. Plus I'll have time with them in the evening.

I'm excited for that Friday, dinner with friends at a restaurant that is getting a lot of good press/reviews. And I see these friends too far and in-between. I wish jobs could be created based on availability, lol. I can work Monday-Friday 7 AM to 10 AM. See, 15 hours a week! Oh well.

There's always next year for a job when Little Man is in school full-time. Oy. I can't believe it's almost 2010 and that we're 1/2 way through the school year. 34 is upon me in 32 days.

But first the holidays. Which are always magical because the kids BELIEVE.

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