Saturday, July 31, 2010

The move is complete (mostly)

Well, we moved this past week.  A frickin' nightmare, but it always is.  We hate moving.  The only things worse are dead brothers and cancer ;)

The bathroom is mostly done.  Still can't shower, but that it OK for a few days.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend, we'll be able to shower.  When Gumby and his Dad started to do a few tweaks to the bathroom, it turned it a full-on gutting of the bathroom.  There was mold everywhere.  Alas, it's looking great and we're just waiting for the dumb tub enclosure to finish adhering to the wall correctly.

I did manage to get the living room, dining room and all bedrooms painted before we moved in.  There is still trim and cutting in to be done, but that can be done while we're here.

Our new refrigerator is being delivered this morning.  Very exciting.  Plus it will be nice to finally have a fridge and we can eat at home rather than going out to eat for each meal.

All in all, there are hiccups, but the move has been positive.  We have too much shit, but we knew that.  But I'm very content and exciting for what the future holds.

We go camping next week, which will be nice.  State Fair starts in 5 days.  Summer is winding down.

It's gone by much too quick.  I'm signed up for classes in the fall to continue for my Bachelor's degree.

The in-laws celebrate their 39th anniversary today by going to a funeral for their friend's grandson that committed suicide.  There's so much wrong with that statement, I will leave it at that.

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