Monday, October 11, 2010

Wait, where did summer go?!?

Bah.  Fall is here.  It's been beautiful this past week, absolutely gorgeous.  Which has been nice.  Prior to that, we were panicked about getting the boiler working so we actually had heat in our house.

They were never really able to test the boiler during our inspection, but presumed because it was new from 2004, that it would probably be OK.  Yeah, not so much.

Gumby and my FIL had to replace the motor in the boiler and then some pump thingy (I know, very technical of me.  You're astounded by my in-depth understanding of a radiant heating system, aren't you?).  Then there needed to be some repairs made to the copper pipes they replaced (apparently they sucked at unions, so it leaked at each of the unions).

So voile!  One night, they got it going.  And then left for the Home Depot.  And I was going through Baby Girl's dresser with her going through summer and winter clothes to see what we should keep, what needed to be donated, etc.  And it was getting hot in her room.  And then it really started to get hot.

At which point the puppy barked to go outside (oh, yeah, we got a puppy, more on that to come).  So I took Sparky out and when I walked back into the house, it was like a freakin' sauna.  I checked the thermostat and  it was set at 80 (holy crap people!).

Turns out someone (honestly, not us!) painted over the thermostat several times.  So it couldn't accurately detect the temperature.  So, we now have a new thermostat :)

The kids are in school full time.  Baby Girl seems to be having a touch of trouble with behavior.  We've had to have a discussion at least once a week since she's returned.  Thankfully Little Man had one instance of not behaving, I had my discussion (Ok, more of a Come to Jesus discussion) and he's been sweet as can be since.

But Baby Girl is trying my patience.

School started back up for Gumby and I.  And let me once again declare my hatred for group projects.  They suck in general.

We have adopted a black lab mix from the Humane Society.  He's adorable, growing at a freakish rate (perfect fit in this family!) and too smart for his own good.  We will need to start puppy school when we get back from our vacation next month.

Gumby and I went to Farm Aid last weekend.  It was amazing and I'm glad we went.  Any excuse to see Dave Matthews, right?

With that, I must return to homework.  Ugh.

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