Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A sense of accomplishment.

So we moved into this place almost 6 months ago. It was the fucking move from hell as our old landlord offered us extra $$$ to leave early, but our new landlord would not budge on letting us in early. So we ultimately lived at the in-laws for a week and all our shit was in storage.

And I shit you not, Little Man turned 3 the day after we moved in and I traveled the next day for a week.

Never again people.

All our shit has been thrown into the basement with little concern for where it landed as long as there was a path to the laundry area, the computer and the litter box.

'Cause we have priorities, if nothing else in this house. Heh.

But it's been pissing me the fuck off. Because more and more shit gets thrown down there and then the in-laws had the gall to ask us to take some of our shit back. I mean come on, they couldn't store all our china and our bicycles for a few years?!? (I jest...sort of)

And it's become a battle. The bicycles came home about a month and a half ago. And I made Gumby buy bike hooks that night, so the bikes could be hung from the rafters, because damn it, we don't need more shit on the floor down there.

And I've been asking weekly since for him to put up the damn hooks. And it finally came to a battle last night about it. 'Cause like I said, I was cranky as fuck yesterday.

But alas, the bikes are finally hung tonight.

And we threw out a shit ton of boxes from the basement (the landlord is probably thinking, "Oh shit...they've decided to stay.") And the front of our house looks like our basement threw up.




There is progress in the basement. I've managed to get all the Christmas stuff on the same side of the basement (cue angels singing). The china has been stored where it is least likely to get damaged.

I'm thinking I'll have it done this weekend. 'Cause the tree is going up this weekend. My sister asked if we could put it up and I agreed, much to Gumby's irritation.

I'm roasting a turkey tomorrow for Thanksgiving and making a cherry pie. Then for our dinner, I have a pork shoulder roast marinating in the fridge for a beauitful pulled bbq pork tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to it.

And with that, I'm off to veg out in front of the tv.

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