Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weird Ass Monday

So I totally went to bed late. Much later than I should have. But Baby Girl has an ear infection and was still running a fever, so I knew she'd be home and Little Man would obviously be home. So, you know...gives me mild permission to stay up late.

Fast forward to 6:30 AM, a few short hours later and Gumby's alarm was blaring. I managed to ignore it by elbowing him in the ribs to turn it off.

Around 8 AM my phone goes off and I look at it bleary-eyed and see it's my folks.

"Hello?" (drool running down chin)

It's my Mom. My Aunt (her sister) died this morning. She was diagnosed 7 days ago with the same cancer my Grandma died from 5 years ago (Grandma was 70, my Aunt was pushing 50, but not there yet).

"Are you fucking kidding me?" (more drool down chin)

Yeah, so very bizarre. Very concerning for the rest of us females in the family.

I feel awful for her son, my cousin. He is only 18 and very ill-prepared for this. I hope he finds the strength he needs in the future.

I've been cranky most of the day. Did not help that there was snow on the ground when I got up. But the kids went out to play for a while (I cheated and sat on my kitchen chair, watching them through the patio doors, occasionally opening it to shout out the obligatory, "Don't eat the snow from the grass!" or "Don't kick your sister!")

'Cause I'm a good Mom like that.

But it's been a very weird day.

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